Fresh Start

A puppet has been released from her strings. We could call this an autobiographical performance but although the idea was born out of the artist personal life, all over the world there are women that depend fully on their husbands. What do these women feel when they get a divorce, or when they lose their husband for one reason or another. They have to learn to walk again on their own feet, ready to go out into the world as independent human beings.This performance is a challenging one as the artist intends to communicate through her body in a way that she has not done before. Most of the time the viewer can only see her feet or her legs. Her extremities must say what her heart feels.

Un nuevo comienzo

Una marioneta se ha quedado sin las cuerdas. Podriamos llamar a este, un performance autbiografica, pero, aunque la idea tuvo como punto de partida la vida personal de la artista, en todo el mundo existen mujeres que dependen totalmente del esposo. Que hacen estas mujeres si tienen que afrontar una separacion, o si pierden a su esposo por una u otra causa? Deben aprender a conducir sus propias cuerdas. Listas para enfrentar al mundo como seres independientes. En este performance la artista trata de comunicar con su cuerpo, con sus extremidades, lo que su corazon esta sintiendo.


Based on an improvised dialogue where the artist faces directly her web-cam, confessions at first appear to be an exercise on seduction. However, the flashing inclusion of images from her previous works, makes us aware that her gestures and words are related to some sort of anguish and that her seduction is clearly not of a sexual nature. The artist is talking to her reflection in the basin but this is not necessarily evident for the unfamiliar viewer.


Basado en un dialogo totalmente improvisado en el que la artista mira diractamente a su camara web, “Confesiones” a primera vista parece ser un ejercicio de seduccion. Pero los flashes de imagenes provenientes de sus trabajos anteriores, nos hace darnos cuenta de que sus gestos y palabras reflejan angustia, y que esta seduccion no es de naturaleza sexual. La artista le esta hablando al reflejo de su propia cara en el agua de la letrina. Pero esto no es evidente para el espectador.

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